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Self Awareness Training Results

Elevate every aspect of your life with

Self-Awareness, the #1 Essential Skill for a Solution-rich life. 

shapes our :


with our Emotional Fitness Programme


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Unleash your best self and life force energy without guilt or hesitation.

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In the coming months, we're launching a new approach to EMOTIONAL FITNESS.

If you want early access to this latest offering, apply now and you'll be part of our inner circle community who gets priority access and information. 

Checklist to measure your strengths.
Checklist to measure your strengths.

how we could live instead

how we are taught to live

Experiencing overwhelm?

Are you constantly feeling physically and emotionally drained, striving for perfection and acceptance, while ignoring your own needs and capacity?

Distant from self & others?

Do you struggle to express your feelings or understand others? Do you want close relationships but find it hard because you try to please everyone and feel bad setting limits?

Getting More Clarity

Understanding yourself helps you make better decisions and move confidently towards what you want.

Preventing Burnout 

Listening to yourself and your body stops chronic tiredness, quiets the inner critic, and lets you live mindfully.

Why Emotion Matters

Understanding your feelings helps you communicate better with yourself and your friends and family, creating strong, richer and more fulfilling connections.

Feeling analysis paralysis?

Do you often find yourself mentally exhausted from overthinking various choices, unable to make a decision without second-guessing yourself?

Is this you?

Join our

Flagship 8-Week Emotional Fitness Coaching Programme

Experience one-to-one coaching

Enjoy eight 45-minute personalised sessions of dedicated emotional fitness coaching with me.

Enhance your journey with exclusive group mini classes

 Participate in two group mini classes to boost your support network and sense of community.

Choose between virtual or in-person sessions

Tailor your experience by selecting sessions from the comfort of your own space or at prestigious wellness residences in London.

Hello there! I'm Sonali, and I feel incredibly grateful to do what I love —  help people expand their holistic mind-body-emotion-spirit intelligence, especially during life transitions.

My goal is to support you in achieving your dreams and expressing your true self.


With 10+  years of corporate experience, I've had the privilege of assisting both companies and private individuals in uncovering their strengths, sharing their stories, and moving forward confidently.

As an emotional fitness coach, I am trained in scientifically backed methods rooted in neuroplasticity, somatic psychology, and listening techniques from leading institutions worldwide.


I've had the pleasure of collaborating with clients across three continents and partnering with talented individuals from companies like Linklaters, EY, NHS, as well as non-profits and venture capital accelerators.


I'm excited to connect with you!

Sonali Makanji

Nice Words By Nice People

-Katy Hansell, Executive Coach, Chicago

Magically intuitive, Sonali is a rarity in coaching and my go-to when I seek a holistic tune-up for my emotional fitness.

Client Testimonial

-Dr Prina Kakad, Medical Doctor, London

I have already seen the benefits in the interactions I have had with my patients, for which I am truly grateful.I would truly urge anyone contemplating coaching to embrace their curiosity!

Client Testimonial Dr. Prina Kakad

-Meera Aswani, Senior Solicitor, Gibraltar

Sonali has guided me through the coaching process over the past 9 months. I gained an understanding of how my mental chatter affects my emotional state and my attitude and reactions towards my work, my relationships and my daily life.

Client Testimonial Meera Aswani

-Caroline Lumpp, Investment Director and M&A, Stockholm

Emotional path to self-discovery, understanding myself better and finding my values. I felt a direct connection with Sonali which made it so easy for me to trust her.

Client Testimonial Caroline Lumpp

-Betül Baykal, Associate Director ESG, London

You will notice how that confidence positively impacts how you show up at work, at home, and with your friends.

Client Testimonial Betül Baykal

-Marjorie Chushi, Operations, The Nature Conservancy, Zambia

I loved that you made me feel comfortable to be myself, and just let it out according to how I was feeling. That made me feel lighter after every session.

Client Testimonial

-Ven Iroidis, Senior Manager - Consulting, London

Your empathy, energy, and enthusiasm create a supportive environment where I feel comfortable expressing my concerns, allowing us to delve deeper into the root. After each session, I experienced a remarkable sense of relaxation and stress relief, empowering me to approach each day with a fresh perspective. I recognise that my impatience for immediate results led me to prematurely halt our sessions. However, in hindsight, I've come to realise the profound impact our discussions and your coaching methods had on my clarity of thought regarding both personal and work aspects of my life.

Client Testimonial

Step into our special art gallery, an ode to self-expression.