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SONALI MAKANJI | Coaching Practitioner | Emotional Fitness

Coaching Practitioner | Emotional Fitness




Your unfair advantage
for personal growth!

Evidence backed

Bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to go

Self Awareness Training Results

Elevate every aspect of your life with
Self-Awareness, the #1 Essential Skill for a Solution-rich life. 

shapes our :


with our Emotional Fitness Programme

Supercharge YOU

Unleash your best self and life force energy without guilt or hesitation.

Sonali Makanji Burrito Fingers Art Gallery

We've got a fresh approach to
Emotional Fitness

Checklist to measure your strengths.
Checklist to measure your strengths.

how we could live instead

how we are taught to live

Experiencing overwhelm?

Are you constantly feeling physically and emotionally drained, striving for perfection and acceptance, while ignoring your own needs and capacity?

Distant from self & others?

Do you struggle to express your feelings or understand others? Do you want close relationships but find it hard because you try to please everyone and feel bad setting limits?

Getting More Clarity

Understanding yourself helps you make better decisions and move confidently towards what you want.

Preventing Burnout 

Listening to yourself and your body stops chronic tiredness, quiets the inner critic, and lets you live mindfully.

Why Emotion Matters

Understanding your feelings helps you communicate better with yourself and your friends and family, creating strong, richer and more fulfilling connections.

Feeling analysis paralysis?

Do you often find yourself mentally exhausted from overthinking various choices, unable to make a decision without second-guessing yourself?

Is this you?

Stuck in a rut?

Do you often feel frustrated and confused, unable to find inner motivation and direction, trapped in a cycle that keeps repeating itself?

Moving Forward 

Aligning your actions with your values reignites your inner drive and helps you find purpose.

Personal Coaching

Cultivating a sense of purpose


Building confidence and motivation

Enhancing communication skills

Strengthening your intuition

Taking action

Emotional Fitness

Great for EVERYONE

Increasing awareness of your needs

Managing negative mental chatter

Increasing emotional understanding

Building tolerance for uncomfortable emotions

Improving sense of self-control

Career Coaching

Gaining clarity on career direction